The Alpine Town of Annecy

We are incredibly lucky to have friends who frequent this beautiful town, and received an invitation to join them in Annecy to ring in the New Year. “Annecy?” I said. “Never even heard of it. What’s the plan?” The ‘plan’ apparently was wine, cheese, and duck fat.. all served with a side of Alpine adventure. Seriously… who says ‘no’ to that?


Little did I know, Annecy is one of the most picturesque places I’ve ever seen!

Though perfectly placed for easy access to fabulous ski options, Annecy is actually more popular during Summer. I look forward to returning for the chance to see the winter-wonderland transformed; the vibrant village and active lake the focus of outdoor activities during the warm, Summer months.

We however were here to ski. Staying in Annecy makes it easy to reach the slopes, with La Clusaz, Le Grand Bornand, Manigod and Saint Jean de Sixt all nearby. If you need more vertical feet, you’ll fine the glorious slopes of Chaminox (and the Aguille du Midi!) just an hour away. We spent a sunny day at La Clusaz, enjoying the apres ski views as much as the slopes!


Though we enjoyed a few Alpine excursions while in Annecy, I would describe much of our visit as an escape into the world of fabulous, French food. As with any visit to France, we accept that copious amounts of bread, cheese, foie gras and wine will be consumed. It seems a sin to resist even the smallest of foodie cravings while surrounded by the BEST in the world. With phenomenal bakeries around every corner and a morning market filled with the freshest of treats, Annecy takes it even a step further.


Ahh… the French. I may be partial to Italian cuisine, but there’s no denying the French are the culinary masters of the world (especially with bread), and I often wonder how they do it so much better than the rest. Though we search each country we visit for a better baguette or croissant, we always seem to settle with mediocre outside of France.

C’est la vie! When in France, you should indulge without regard, because in France dinner is not what you do in the evening before something else – dinner is the evening.


Thanks to the culinary skills of a few friends, we spent most Annecy evenings enjoying homemade meals with wonderful ingredients fresh from the market.

Annecy also has a vibrant restaurant scene, for those who prefer to eat-out rather than cooking. Our favorite spot, especially for charcuterie, wine and cheese (of course!) was called Les Caves Du Chateau. The cozy, wine-cavern setting was as welcoming as the selection.


Sometimes I leave a place without getting quite enough. I left Annecy with a belly full of wine and cheese, but I’ve still got room for more and I can’t wait to go back. Trust me on this – quaint, colorful Annecy could be the most charming place you’ve never even heard of.



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