A Stroll Through The Parks of Barcelona

To me, Barcelona has everything. The mountains, the beach, the incredibly lively city… and when you think you need some peace, the parks are calling. I found myself on a blanket, with a book, at Parc de la Ciutadella on many occasions. The parks of Barcelona are gorgeous; surrounding exquisite fountains and beautiful architecture, with colorful gardens and hills leading to castles. In Barca, its best to explore on foot, and to plan your stroll to meander through some of the many parks. Here are a few of our favorites!

Park Guell

But of course! Gaudi’s famous park is first on my list. The first time we visited, I was equally stunned by the creative, mosaic architecture as I was the view. Little did I know there is so much more to explore…


A few years ago, Park Guell implemented a small fee for visitors who want to access the most sought after areas – the main entrance to the park, access to the museum and the surrounding mosaic creatures and tall columns. This area is typically buzzing with tourists, but is a sight well worth enjoying.

DSCN5361 (2)

The popular Gaudi works of Park Guell are incredible, but don’t leave without exploring off the beaten path! Park Guell is quite large. Meander under the bridges and over the hills, where you’ll find more private areas to enjoy. Climb to the top of the hill for a nice resting spot with phenomenal views.

Park de La Citudella 

During our time living in Barcelona, our apartment was just around the corner from this phenomenal park. I found myself walking though it often on my way home. It’s a beautiful stroll, starting at the entrance near the Arc de Triomf


Make your way to Placa de Joan Fiveller, where you will be greeted with unique trees and charming architecture. The school is an incredible site!

DSCN5152 DSCN5155

Continue to the large, glorious fountain (typically filled with bathing ducks). Two, giant stone staircases wrap around both sides of the fountain, making their way to the top of the massive statue – a perfect place to watch the sunset!



Parc de Montjuic

Famous for it’s main attraction, Montjuic Castle, but there is much to see on your way to the top. The castle is a lovely place to enjoy (for a small – 5 Euro – fee), with various tunnels, cannons, and lookout points to explore.

The views are stunning from every direction – looking East towards the sea or West for a birds eye view of Barcelona. It may be tempting to take the cable car to the top of the mountain, but with so much to see on the way, I recommend walking. The entire park is beautiful, especially in Spring/Summer, and you can easily detour through botanical gardens along your way.

I had the pleasure of enjoying this park in all seasons, and find it a nice place to visit year-round. Its more lush in the Summertime, making the hike unbelievably vibrant with colorful flowers and creative shrubbery throughout the gardens leading way. In the Winter, it is more barren, but the lack of vegetation provides even better panoramic views!

On the way down from the top of Montjuic, one of my favorite places to take a load off is Montjuic El Xalet Restaurant (at the bottom of Jardins de Joan Brossa). The food is nice (not superb, but also not disappointing) but the view is spectacular! For me, it is the perfect spot to enjoy a well deserved glass of wine and snack after a beautiful hike.

DSCN5522 (2)

 Cheers to lovely strolls through the parks of Barcelona!


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