Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon

After our time exploring Zion National Park, we took a worthy detour to Bryce Canyon. This park may be a bit out of the way, but it is well worth the excursion. The canyon is a bit like experiencing a different planet: the land of the ‘hoodoos’ (stalagmite structures that resemble space-like castles extending for miles – as far as the eye can see).


There are many trails to choose from depending on how long you want to explore. We decided to walk the Navajo Loop from Sunset to Sunrise Point. I highly recommend this route if you are just stopping for a quick visit. Its an easy walk (I wouldn’t even classify it as a hike) allowing you to experience the hoodoos from all elevations. After our intense hiking in Zion, we were excited to enjoy a more relaxing adventure at Bryce.

Our journey began with a lovely, relatively easy stroll downhill from Sunset Point. After winding back and forth as we descended, we continued down ‘Wall Street’ (aptly named because it is ‘walled in’) to the bottom of the canyon.


We then trailed off the Navajo Loop for a mile long detour through the Queen’s Garden, venturing through Hoodoo tunnels and giant, drip sandcastle-like formations.


This (middle) portion of the walk allows you to experience the massive hoodoos up close and personal as they tower over you…


… just begging for you to climb them.


Our journey ended  a few hours later, at Sunrise Point, with overwhelming appreciation for the beauty of Bryce. Playing in this magical world was the experience of a lifetime.

Namaste Bryce :)

Namaste Bryce 🙂



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