Barcelona Basilicas

Barcelona is home to some of the most unique, architecturally beautiful cathedrals in the world. From la Sagrada Familia, the well-known, modernist Gaudi masterpice, to the gorgeously gothic Santa Maria del Mar. Here are a few of our favorite works of holy art!

Sagrada Familia

The most popular Cathedral in Barcelona due to it’s uniquely Gaudi design, apparent in each intricate detail. This is known to be the most exotic church in the world! Building started over 130 years ago, and will continue for decades more.


I am constantly in awe of different churches around the world, but Sagrada Familia’s uniqueness puts it in a league of it’s own.  It is probably impossible to find a church building anything like it in the entire history of art – Rainer Zerbst

We spent an hour exploring the massive sanctuary. The tall, reaching columns that sprout into the detailed ceiling are out of this world.  The Modernist stained glass streaks the ceilings and floors with color when the sun shines.

Before leaving, we ascended the spiraling staircase to the top of the Nativity Tower for a breathtaking view of Barcelona!


Our visit wasn’t cheap. 19.50 Euros per person if you want to see the church and go up one of the towers. We were lucky to visit on a weekday in January, avoiding crowds. If you’re visiting Barcelona in the summer, you’ll likely have to wait in line and wade through masses for a chance to see the inside.  Be smart, purchase tickets ahead of time online!

Catedral Barcelona

It’s hard to miss this Gothic cathedral that dominates the Old Town. I remember running into this massive structure for the first time, while on a leisurely stroll for dinner.

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I’ve always loved how easy it is to visit beautiful European churches (most of the time, that is!) as they tend to keep their doors open for public prayer.


While exploring cities, we often take a quick detour through a sanctuary. Our visit inside Catedral de Barcelona was a fascinating detour through gorgeous Gothic architecture.

Santa Maria del Mar

My favorite basilica, and also thought to be one of the finest in Spain. Santa Maria del Mar is a Gothic beauty sitting at the end of Paseo del Borne; its backside facing a quaint and colorful square good for a tapas stop.


The way the light shines through the sanctuary is magical. We found ourselves strolling from one side of the church to the other quite often during our time living in Born.


Santa Maria del Mar is my favorite basilica for it’s simplicity. It doesn’t have all of the gold adornments shown at the Cathedral de Barcelona. Instead it transmits an impression of comfort and beauty.


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