City vs. Country? A Digital Nomad’s Debate

The idea of finding a more permanent home has become a bit abstract. When we started our adventure around the world, and our quest for a more permanent place of residence, I thought we would magically discover a spot that ‘just feels right’. I imagined that the stars would align, and we would both know that we’ve found a home that fits us perfectly. I might as well have added rainbows and unicorns to this daydream (and bagels for Bryan). How ridiculous was I?! In reality, the more of the world that we see, the more difficult this decision becomes, and the more I can’t imagine staying in just one place!

Lucca, Italy

Bryan and I have frequent, long discussions evaluating the pros and cons of making each new place we visit a more permanent home. My contribution typically revolves around an evaluation of aesthetics, social activities, nightlife and culture, and I begin wishing for hybrid worlds that contain all of my favorite things from all my favorite places…

Cappadocia, Turkey

Bryan’s input is consistently more logical, evaluating where it makes sense for us to live and work comfortably, long-term, where there may be a large ex-pat community or where our language skills might actually be of use.


We’ve come to the conclusion that there may never be one location that proves to be a perfect fit, but we also realize that we can’t live like this (nomadic) forever. So where would we like to spend the majority of our time? This is the question….


One high-level debate that keeps surfacing, is whether or not we might enjoy settling in a big city or a more picturesque, countryside town. We enjoy both. We love city life, but we also enjoy outdoor adventures and the relaxing vibe of a beautiful countryside.

Groznjan, Croatia

Recently, after months of rapidly moving from place to place, we decided to slow our roll and stay in one spot for a bit. After all, how will we ever find a more permanent home if we don’t settle, and seriously evaluate what it’s like to reside in one place for a while. Istria seemed a great spot to settle for a few months, and the perfect opportunity to evaluate small-town living!

Rovinj, Croatia

We loved our relaxing time in Istria – my new favorite spot in all of Croaita – especially in the beginning. It’s such a unique and breathtakingly beautiful place, with a location that provides access to remote vineyards, national parks, unique beaches and cliff-side views that are so phenomenal you’ll swoon. How could anyone in their right mind grow tired of such intense beauty? Let me assure you… one can, and if you are the type who feels complacent in the most naturally beautiful place you can possibly imagine, you might be a city person. 

Krka National Park

Arriving in Zagreb, after months of exploring the glorious Istrian countryside, felt like rediscovering civilization for the first time. Raw and dirty civilization, with it’s busy streets, a wide variety of international eats, and an energy that only a city can provide. Turns out, we’re city people. In retrospect I can’t believe I ever doubted that for a second. Bry says he knew this all along.


Sure, we enjoy escaping to the countryside. We are hikers, campers, climbers, and all around adventure lovers. If you look at “a day in the life”, however, we enjoy strolling busy streets, and even the feel of cement beneath our feet. We like having access to an overwhelming amount of options for food, from greasy burgers to Michelin starred dining. We enjoy meeting new people and socializing in street-side cafes, and having the opportunity to attend frequent events and museums…

Florence, Italy

So yea.. we’re city people, through and through. Our decision of where to settle one day has narrowed down a smidgen. But which city fits us best? Is it a European city like Barcelona, Amsterdam or Florence (three of our favorites!) or somewhere else on a different continent? In a few weeks we’ll be leaving Europe, with Australia, Asia and South America on the itinerary.

Nice, Frane

Stay tuned for phase two in our decision making process – which continent fits us best!


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