Isle of Capri

The Isle of Capri welcomes visitors with its turquoise blue waters and brightly colored buildings. Quite a tranquil, picturesque scene, but we quickly learned that this paradise can also be a overrun with tourists in on day trips.


Our planning drew us more toward Anacapri, a commune in the mountains above Capri (basically, the back-half of the island). Anacapri is the perfect escape from the bustle of Capri; covered with vineyards and lemon trees, with tons of options for secluded adventures in the mountain trails criss-crossing the hills.


Though we did venture into Capri to explore during our visit, it was simply too busy for our taste. After a long week of exploring various Italian cities, we preferred our Anacapri escape to herds of people filling the streets of Capri, each following their own tour-guide umbrella.

Our hotel was chosen for its remote location and its excellent reputation. It just so happened to run a small vineyard and restaurant as well. The beautiful Da Gelsomina is perched high in the hills of Anacapri. When we began researching the best restaurants in the area, we were thrilled to learn that our hotel’s restaurant was rated #1 on the island, and also had the best view.


Hiking in Anacapri is a must. We found a trail leading from our hotel, that wrapped around the side of the island and down through cliffs, ending at a rocky swimming hole filled with Italian sunbathers and children climbing the rocks to jump in.


There are so many incredible views on Capri, but none compare to the view at the top of Mount Solaro, the highest point of the island. You can hike to the top from the bottom, or you can take a chair lift to the top from Piazza della Vittoria.


The vivid, blue waters completely capture you. Whether you’re there for one of the many tours offered, or searching for a more secluded place to enjoy the scenery, you will find yourself surrounded by true beauty; from the time you arrive to the time you slowly sail away. Ahhh… Capri. I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave.



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