Map: Barcelona, Spain

* Check out the interactive map with some of our favorite spots around Barcelona! Click the icons to view more information on the location, and select the frame in the top right corner to expand.


  • I absolutely love travel and I do as often as i can. I presume you guys havent yet got children? thats hat got me planting roots here in UK. Yet every school holiday, every bank holiday is an excuse to either visit local attractions and see the scenery or pop on a flight and go on a dreamtrip thanks to the elite travel club we are part of.

    We just returned fromBarcelona and I totally understand why you love it. Its a truly loveable city and I too wish I could live there. Woud have to learn the lingo 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your passion. I am happy to connect and chat about travel 🙂

    • Andrea Leblang says:

      Hi Julie! Love connecting with a fellow wanderlust traveler 🙂 You presume correct – we do not have kids. I can imagine that makes things much more complicated! I love that you are making the time to share your passion for travel with your children. What a wonderful gift!
      Barcelona is incredible! So glad you were able to visit. Thanks so much for connecting with us! Salud, amiga! 😉

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