Park Hotel Tokyo

The Park Hotel Tokyo is embedded in Japanese tradition, yet has a modern flare. The hotel is located in Shiodome, one of Tokyo’s most contemporary areas for business and culture.

Park Hotel Tokyo LogoTheir logo has been carefully crafted so guests know exactly what to expect; the blue in the logo signifies cleanliness, green is for their respect of nature, and red for the sense of warm hospitality.


Park Hotel thrives in their concept of ART: Atrium, Restaurants, and Travel. They ensure that guests feel comfortable and awe-inspired upon arrival.

A powerful first impression of the hotel, the Atrium it is flooded with natural light and provides a stunning view of the Tokyo Tower. The space is built with gorgeous teak wood and granite. Trees and flowers abound, making you feel as though you are in a magnificent green house. The hotel harbors the THANN Sanctuary – a spa offering traditional Thai body care, as well as Swedish massages. Guests will also find a unique art shop called Tanagokoro, where one can experience true Japanese craftsmanship available for purchase. There is also an elite business center and a fitness gym with an incredible view of the Tokyo skyline.

The chefs at Park Hotel create dishes and cocktails that embody the artwork on exhibit. Their food is contrived from their natural surroundings, which brings each season to the table. Every dish is designed with the health of the guest in mind. These artful concoctions can be enjoyed at six phenomenal restaurants: Tateru Yoshino Bis, Hanasanshou, The Society, Art Lounge, News Art Cafe, and Boulangerie Tateru Yoshino Plus, as well as in the private salons available for reservation.

Travel to The Rooms
Each room offers luxury nightwear, pillows, and bath essentials from an all natural line of products. These items are included in the rooms to put the guest’s mind and body at ease. Anything else a guest may desire can be delivered to the room, from humidifiers to massages. The rooms are designed to make guests feel as if they are in a more luxurious versions of their own home. Some rooms have large windows, cured specifically to admire the spectacular views of the Tokyo skyline, Tokyo Tower, or Mt. Fuji.

Park Hotel also offers a series of rooms, catered to travelers, called Artist Rooms. These spaces are living art galleries, showcasing a local artist’s view of Japan.

For further info, please contact Park Hotel Tokyo
Shiodome Media Tower
1-7-1 Higashi Shimbashi
Minato-ku 1057227
Telephone : 81-3-6252-1111

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