Charming Positano

View of Positano from our hotel

Positano, in a word, is simply ‘charming’. We were visiting the entire Amalfi Coast, but chose to stay here for the majority of our trip. After visiting the other stops on our journey, I was so happy we did.

Positano Sunset

Beautiful Positano was the perfect resting place for us. We stayed at the simple (but elegant) Villa Rosa, that served a wonderful breakfast on our private terrace every morning. It was an easy walk down through the narrow alleys filled with shops to the beach. The hotel concierge was incredibly helpful in providing restaurant recommendations as well as transportation when needed.

Villa Rosa Positano

We had a very nice dinner at Next2 – a modern restaurant with a beautiful culinary experience.

Next2 Positano

Our favorite meal was at a restaurant called Da Adolfo. The perceived appeal to dining at this spot was the experience, but the food ended up being our favorite as well.

Da Adolfo Positano

A small boat with the red ‘Da Adolfo’ sign picked us up at the main Positano dock and took us to a private beach surrounded by cliffs. Food was served on a deck overlooking the beach. Everything served was caught fresh that day. We had the grilled catch of the day, peach sangria and fresh mozzarella grilled on lemon leaves.

Da Adolfo Positano

I often daydream about the time we spent in Positano. It was the perfect Italian coastal paradise. Nothing but eating, drinking and relaxing. When we started getting antsy, as we typically do, and in need of something more adventurous, we found that gorgeous hikes, like The Path of the Gods, were also there to appease us.

Positano Italy


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