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Mykonos, the ‘popular kid’ of the Greek Islands, has a relentless energy you can feel all day long, into the night and often past dawn! There’s so much to experience, especially from a party perspective, that you can easily fill every minute with fist-pumping good times! There are also over 50 beaches in Mykonos (each with its own, unique flair), an overwhelming number of restaurants, and innumerable ways to enjoy getting lost on the winding streets of Chora (old town).

We chose to stay close to old town for our 10 days on island, finding an apartment with stunning views of the port. Many visitors looking to experience the nightlife (where the party gets going around midnight) stay in the area. One note, you’ll need a scooter to properly explore the rest of the island!


Our time in Mykonos can be best described as a cocktail – one shot of touristy sightseeing, mixed with local discoveries and a dash of sexy parties 😉 We were lucky to have local friends living on island leading the way, and now we’d like to share our favorite experiences with you.

To those of you looking for a variety of activities to enjoy on the most popular island in Greece…


Find a pink pelican. Enjoy getting lost on the winding streets of Chora, but keep an eye open! There are three pink pelicans to be found. Legend has it that a fisherman came across a wounded pelican on the beach decades ago, and nursed it back to health. When the fisherman set the Pelican free, the Pelican decided to stay put in Mykonos. Over time, everyone fell in love with the local pelican, who was given the name ‘Petros’. Petros became a local celebrity and is even said to be the mascot of Mykonos! When Petros died in 1986, Jackie Onassis donated a pelican to the island (named Irene). A second pelican was then donated (named in Petros’ honor), and a third found a few years ago – found by the locals (named Nikolas).

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The pink pelicans are typically found roaming the winding streets of Chora, close to Little Venice at the waterfront. They are very friendly, and didn’t seem to mind getting pet by hoards of tourists!

Explore a remote beach, and dine at a local Tavern. It’s easy to get caught up in the Mykonos beach party life, but taking time to explore a few remote spots is well worth it. Trust me – regardless of what your beach style might be, you’ll be happy that you venture off the beaten path when you taste what the local taverns have to offer!

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If you’re interested in our favorite Mykonos hidden-gems, check out our recommendation for 5 Unique Beaches and Taverns in Mykonos!

Get out of town for sunset dinner at Cayenne. When all of the restaurants along the winding streets of Chora start to look the same, and you’re in the mood for a high-quality culinary experience (at a reasonable price!) head over to Cayenne. This new restaurant, overlooking the port, has front row seats to the best sunset view in town. With a classy ambiance, sultry lighting and killer views, Cayenne is a trendy spot to get comfy with cocktails.

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Amazing atmosphere aside, it is the food at Cayenne that kept us coming back (that’s right, we dined here more than once). Cayenne specializes in gourmet pizzas, pasta and salads, but they also have a killer burger. Above all, I can’t send you to my favorite Mykonos restaurant without recommending the best dish. For any fellow truffle lover – the truffle mushroom papparadelle was heavenly!

Learn to windsurf. As you explore various coves around Mykonos, you’ll notice that some are specifically windsurfing hot spots! The winds around certain parts of the island create perfect environments for extreme windsurfing, but there are also spots providing perfect conditions for a beginner who wants to give it a shot!

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I was able to taste surfing with a gentle breeze, and found the experience invigorating! Click here to hear more about my introduction to windsurfing…

Day trip to Delos. Don’t forget, while surrounded with such beauty and modern luxury, that you’re immersed in a culture with roots dating back to the dawn of Western civilization. Nothing drives home this point more than a day-trip to the unforgettable island of Delos. The tiny island’s history spans over 5000 years, with ruins documenting multiple eras from Greece’s imperial zenith through Roman & Byzantine periods.

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Delos is easily reached by boat from Mykonos’ old harbor (30mins) with ferries running 3-5x day. Tours can be arranged, with guides available upon arrival for group or solo tours. We went out on our own, enjoying the environment created by the giant ‘open air’ museum. We walked through the amazingly well preserved ancient city and surrounding hillsides taking in the mystique of this lost time. Particularly interesting sites included the theater, religious temples, city sewage system!, Lions of Naxos and Archaeology Museum. This is a can’t miss experience!

Dance at a drag show. This may be my top recommendation for Mykonos. I don’t care if you ‘aren’t the drag show type’. I’m not talking about a cheesy event here, I’m talking class act entertainment and a killer party! We joined the pool party at Jackie O Beach, which has beautiful views over Super Paradise Beach, around 6:30PM. With places to lounge, plenty of room to stand (or dance!), Jackie-O has a hip vibe that makes everyone feel comfortable.


The show starts around 7:00PM and is spaced out into a few short acts, keeping the party energy going. I heard that Mykonos is home to some of the best DJs in the world and I was not disappointed. I had no trouble joining the dance party… it enveloped even the most unlikely prospects! The Queens of the night were the stars of the show, with some of the most incredible costumes and theatrical events (including on-stage wedding) I’ve ever seen!

Attend a sexy beach party. It’s not hard to find the perfect beach party vibe to fit your taste, not with so many options! Perhaps you want to dance on tables and party until dawn? Paradise and Super Paradise Beach are home to clubs that will have you dancing until sunrise! With beach-side bar service, and the infamous DJs of Mykonos spinning all day, all night, all week… (you get the picture) these spots cater to a dedicated party crowd.

Maybe you are in the mood for a more classy party?

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We enjoyed our time at Pinky Beach on Super Paradise, just down the hill from Jackie-O (perfect drag-show pre-game spot!). Pinky Beach has a more mature vibe, comfy chairs, and trees adorned with Champagne bottles… classy. The DJ was accompanied by a saxophone player, to polish off the super-chic atmosphere.

Mykonos has all around good vibes. It’s the perfect place to pick your poison and let loose – party until sunrise, or simply enjoy great food, unique beaches and breathtaking views! 

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Namaste Mykonos 🙂 


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