Santa Cruz Giants

There are many different ways to explore the Galapagos Islands. Taking a cruise is certainly one of the best ways to cover the most ground, but it’s not always the most cost-effective method. Another option is to stay on one of the  few islands that have accommodation options, exploring other islands by boat through scheduled day trips.

We trended away from the cruise route, as we prefer to explore at our own pace, and opted to stay on the island of Santa Cruz. This is the most developed island and has easy access to the airport at Baltra.


This was more than just a starting off point or a resting place during our time in the Galapagos. Santa Cruz is a must see island of its own.


One of our highlights (though not the main attraction!) was taking a boat tour around Santa Cruz bay. From the water, we watched lazy sea lions resting on rocks covered with marine iguanas and Blue Footed Boobies.

Galapagos Sea Lions and Marine Iguanas

Our tour ended on a rocky beach with Dr. Suess-like cactus trees.


Santa Cruz is filled with unique creatures, as are most of the islands of the archipelago, but it was a certain species of giant tortoise that made Santa Cruz so special.


These dinosaurs are found in the highlands of Santa Cruz, where they mosey about munching on grass all day. They can live to be 150+ years old and, like a grumpy old man, want to be left alone, hissing if you get too close. We saw more giant tortoises while visiting other islands, but none compared to the massive creatures that graze the highlands of Santa Cruz.


Just before leaving the Highlands, we stopped for a walk through the lava tunnel located at the entrance of the Giant Tortoise farm. Such an amazing formation to experience, if you don’t mind getting down and dirty, that is! We had to crawl through small passageways to complete this short adventure and left feeling a bit ragged, but giddy.



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